Category Based Splitting

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Category Based Splitting

Magento CE:2.2.x

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"Category Based Splitting" allows splitting an order into separate orders based on category.


"Category Based Splitting" extension allows splitting an order into separate orders based on category. This extension can be used to split an order automatically into multiple orders based on the category of the products in the cart. The customer will receive different order ids for their ordered cart.With different order ids, customers can view all the order ids in their Order History and track each item separately. The admin can generate separate invoices and shipments for each order id.

How does the extension work?

  • If there is an order with different category in the cart, enable Split Order Based on Category to split the order into different orders based on the categories of products in that particular order.

  • On placing the order, we will get a different order ID for each category of the product.

  • Basically, if there is "n" number of product category in an order, then "n" different order ids will be generated.

Note- Category Based Splitting will only work if the product is assigned to a single category. 


  • Separate Order ID's are created based on selected categories. 
  • Separate invoice and shipment for each order id could be generated 
  • The customer can view detailed information about their order in their account. 
  • Separate invoices and shipment can be created for individual order. 
  • Order management could be much easier.

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